How Many Of These 20 Crazy Cannabis Facts Do You Know?

Oct 19 2016 0 Comments

We all know some interesting cannabis facts, but with new information being released daily, the facts and figures continue to change. Luckily, due to in the influx of research and investigation into this life-saving plant, we’re learning more every day, giving us more data and evidence to advocate for complete and total legalization.

Statistics on the benefits of cannabis are becoming a common topic in today’s conversations, leading many who were once naysayers to finally see the light. With so many undisputable facts about the healing properties of marijuana, there’s really no way to remain in the dark on the issue. In order to bolster a more positive argument on the matter, here are some crazy facts about cannabis.

1. No dependents

A study involving three universities discovered only about 9% of cannabis users ever become clinically dependent.

2. Cannabis over coffee

3. Cashing out

In the United States, cannabis is the largest cash crop, exceeding the combined totals of corn and wheat.

4. Farming done right

The University of Mississippi operates a legal marijuana farm on behalf of the government.

5. 58% of Americans lie

42% of Americans have tried cannabis at least once in their lives.

6. Rampant growth


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