UPDATE: Which CBD Products Can I Ship To Australia?

Mar 28 2017 1 Comment

Hello All,

Thank you for all your support from the cannabis community, customers and fans.

Last week we were hit yet again with another challenge. We were told we were not allowed to ship to Australia temporarily - however we do not know how long this will last for.

Although I am happy to announce the following brands / products are perfectly legal and have no issues shipping into Australia

  1. Koi CBD
  2. Green Remedy
  3. Cannavest

Thank you again for your patience and support. This is only temporarily and only for our Australian customers. If you are located in the US you are free to purchase and order any other CBD products in the range.

Stay medicated.


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  • So can i always buy cbd vape from here to Australia? Even after this month? I won’t be able buy from Australian sellers after this month how about you guys?

    Sunny Clarkson on

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