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Torch Lighters


Evolving from Butane torches used in industrial applications, the modern household torch shares a common lineage with those used by pastry chefs. While you may never use one of these to get the perfect sear on a Creme Brulee, the durable construction will ensure you never get burned. Piezo wire ignition powers the flame, creating a spark from electrical voltage, which ignites the Butane. This type of ignition is commonly favored in camping equipment, such as stoves, for its longevity and robustness.


Keep the right tool for the job, when a regular lighter won't cut it, a torch can fill the void. Butane torches offer a clean burning and efficient flame which can be used in a variety of applications. The flames produced by units are much more intense than that of a normal lighter, burning at temperatures exceeding 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Organic materials can be easily vaporized with the aid of a torch.

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